"I've gone through a long and strenuous process to get my custom home built.

Naturally as a designer on a budget, I tried to over see my project by hiring sub contractors and fabricators directly.  I never had a single good experience until I gave up being my own general contractor and hired Jerry from Devcon.  99 percent of the contractors I met, lured me in with a low bid but after drama and change orders they ended up costing twice as much and caused me to loose a lot of sleep.  Jerry was in every way the opposite.  He provided me with thoughtful and budget conscious solutions.  He has a great eye for modern details and keeps a safe construction zone. Jerry's crew and staff are all trustworthy, helpful, and kind.  Jerry would over deliver on every detail and job I hired him for.  I recommend Devcon 100 percent."


Richard Kim
Automotive and product designer


It is with great confidence that I put forward this recommendation of Devcon Construction and its President Jerry Martinez.

Jerry has worked as a partner with ENERGE on all of our construction projects, but more to the point, I have grown to know him not only as a professional, but personally as well and it is Jerry's integrity, ingenuity and commitment to clients that I am recommending.

What you can expect from Devcon is a streamlined, honest process built upon communication and thorough market/ industry knowledge, dramatically simplifying the construction process. Jerry is a partner to be relied upon from the start of a project, in the concept/ budget development phase, through punch out, and on through the life of the building.

Our vast experience with Jerry Martinez/ Devcon Construction is just one example of the commitment that he has made in developing lasting relationships and partnerships built upon integrity and mutual respect. Jerry is a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints and helping to meet the functional and aesthetic goals of each project. He is proven agent of the owner's money while steadfastly adhering to the budget and schedules.

Looking back on the projects we have done together, with all of their vast and different goals, each one of the them has been a success. ENERGE supports Jerry in the development of the Devcon Construction and will absolutely use them as our primary contractor on future projects. 

Pat Murphy



I have been a residential homeowner and developer for many years

and I have worked with a number of different general contractors over that period.  I am extremely pleased with every aspect of work that I did with Devcon Construction and Jerry Martinez. 

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Devcon Construction and Jerry Martinez as a reliable, hard working and talented general contractor for both new construction and general/overall residential remodeling.  Jerry is highly adept to seeing the big picture and working towards that goal one day at a time with great enthusiasm.   His ability to tackle the difficult nuance, that is always a part of any construction job, is very impressive.  He is creative in his problem solving but with calm and careful thought always demonstrated.  From what I witnessed after working with him for over a year, there is nothing too big or small that he will not give his personal attention and expertise toward.  

Since the completion of my renovation/addition, Jerry has lived up to his guarantee to follow up on all issues that have or could arise as they always do.  Even while I was out of town over the July 4th weekend and an issue came up, he had someone at the house to deal with it within a half an hour.  I feel great knowing that he is there if I ever have any issue with my home.  He is a class act on all fronts.  His fine work was integral in getting my house featured on the front page of the home section in the LA Times.


Jack Latner
The Sycamore House – La Cuesta Dr.

"Jerry Martinez is a contractor's contractor.

He is highly skilled and does all of the work up to the highest standard. That goes without sying. But Jerry has a secret weapon. He is also creative. He can look at the problem or task and give you a better way of doing it, and probably in the brief amount of time before he starts work, he will find an even better way of doing it. This takes intuition and natural talent, but also putting in the years.
Jerry has put in the years."


Christopher Kirk
Creative Director
mindbomb film, inc.